Hey there my lovely wildflower souls. Jlove’s you all. 💯


I wanted to take some time out of my hectic day to update you all on what’s been going down in my WILD life.

First I would like to apologize for not being as consistent with updates articles video’s and much more.

I know every blogger is unique. However I do see what my blog is lacking that the majority of bloggers attain. 


I actually love that!! I think it’s truly amazing how many of us bloggers put it all out there no holds barred. I’ve read about mental health issues, sex, Domestic violence, and hate crimes. 

I’ve cheered with smiles For others happy moments. I’ve cried for others pain. Enjoying every photo soaking in every word. Discovering fashion beauty and trends. Making new blogger friends. Analyzing other sites to see what should I change about mine. I do find that my artistic vision is quite WILD. Many have said oh she’s all over the place. Well that’s me the real jlee I’m WILD wild and free. No matter who dislikes or hates on my vision I will not alternate my beliefs of my creativity. I am who I am I do this not for fame.

I do this to inspire.

 Share art ⚘ Spread love 

People can be very cruel.     I just Don’t have a mean bone in my body. I was always a Lil nerdy girl in elementary school. Yet I was super chill my humbleness and good heart reigned supreme. Plus I’m a total goof ball.

No matter how big my glasses were or how much of an over bite I had, people were drawn to me. Of course there was always the supposedly cool crowd that always made fun of Lil nerds like myself. Now middle scho and high school I shall save those WILD tales for another day. Lol.

Since my first post on JLOVE’S WILDFLOWERS I’ve been extremely nervous about what others would think about me and my creative side. To my surprise many have reached out with nice comments. An abundance of love and support from total strangers who are WILD SOULS in their own special way. 

Exploring wordpress Lil by Lil each day since January 10th. I admire everyone’s artistic vision. I adore all the posts and articles people share. I have always been one to love what other individuals reveal about their inner self. I thrive reading everyone’s thoughts and testimonies.

It really encourages me to give more.Write more. Share more. To discover more of myself. 

I began this journey through wilderness when I wrote Wildflowers in 1999 at the age of 16. A WILD princess was crowned. Many didn’t understand her then. Imagine her wildness now, in the year 2017. Wildflowers 2017 is the beginning of a movement. 


Get wild or die tryin.

When I say GET WILD people are like WTH!!! 

Get WILD is to get creative. Be part of something more. As artists we crave and we thrive vigorously through our passion for art. It’s almost like a drug. We need to be within the art world in order to survive. You could never not be an artist if you were born one. It is in your soul it keeps you whole. 

It makes me very sad to know some have lost their creative soul. Many due to the fact that no one believed in their artistic vision. 

I have recently gone through quite a few life changing hurdles.Trials and tribulations if you will.

I’m sure alot of you would like to know more about this woman in a red gown holding a black rose.

More to come be back soon 


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  1. Tony Single says:

    I’ll be reading! 🙂

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  2. can i share your post

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