My Story…well some of it

My name is Kelsey! I live in the beautiful Denver, Colorado but was born and raised in Twin Falls, Idaho for the majority of my childhood (WHOOP WHOOP 2T). I am a leasing consultant currently and plan on going back to school in the next year. For what?-I have not a clue (actually I have a few things in mind)! I just recently got out of a very unhealthy, three-year long relationship; my trial in those three years have left me working on becoming the healthiest version of me! My main mission is to better myself-mentally, emotionally and physically, help others where I can and enjoy life for what it truly is. I’ve always found a passion in writing, sharing my stories to help others as well as grow individually! SO with that said, I am very excited to start my blog to share what I’ve experienced in my 21 years and what I’m bound to venture through as well!  Stay tuned for the craziness of my hot mess life, lord only knows what I’ll get into and have to share with you!




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